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December 16, 2019

Dimethyl Sulfoxide


DMSO Dimethyl Sulfoxide Supplier

Xingtai Saipuao Imp and Exp Trade Co., Limited is a well-known DMSO dimethyl sulfoxide supplier in China. We offer diverse chemical products, including pyridine, hydrazine hydrate, acetonitrile, and much more. To know more about our products, kindly visit the “Products” tab. DMSO stands for dimethyl sulfoxide. It is a natural sulfur compound with a wide assortment of different features. DMSO has a high-boiling liquid (boiling point 189 °C or 372 °F), a low-viscosity and a versatile solvent, which has an attribute odor and freezes at a temperature of 18 °C or 64.4 °F into the crystalline and solid-state.

On colder outdoor temperatures, DMSO remains in the frozen form. That is the reason why DMSO generally comes as a frozen material when shipped during the cold seasons. By heating the adequate bottle in a water bath or storing it near to a radiator, DMSO briskly becomes liquid again and can then be used. Dimethyl sulfoxide or DMSO has been used as a versatile polar solvent in organic processes and as transmitter stuff (carrier substance or transport mediator) in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. In the former, DMSO is used in liquid form as well as a component of different gels. Besides, DMSO forestalls the development of precious ice stones in frozen food (during a freezing procedure). As of late, an ever-increasing number of extraordinary highlights of the DMSO has gotten progressively known so that there is currently a high volume of data on the Internet, and various researches have shown regarding the matter.

Quality DMSO Dimethyl Sulfoxide Supplier

We make it easy for our customers to know that their order is being handled properly at every step of the distribution process. Also, we are an ISO 9001 certified chemical products supplier. We partner with organizations across the globe to establish and maintain business relationships that allow us to source high-quality chemical products. By use of technological innovation within the chemical industry, we are continuously moving forward. Saipuaotrade applies modern sourcing strategies to the production and supply chain as an extension of your business. We always remain available to provide you with the best possible DMSO solution.


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