Xingtai Saipuao Imp&Exp
Trade Co.,Ltd

Xingtai Saipuao Imp&Exp Trade Co.,Ltd is a modern technical company which professionally specializes in various medical ward apparatus and instruments under the help and effort of our advanced technical elites.Better Medical is a young company,but we have a rapid development in last few years,and we are continue to develop the company team ,make every detail more professional and humanit.

What we produce on not only offering the safety and comfort to patents, but also bringing paramedics more convenience and high efficiency, which could prevent the unexpected accidents from happening.

Main products cover: Hospital Beds, The equipments of delivery, Medical trolleys, Pharmacy apparatus, Stretchers, Bathroom safety, and other Rehabilitation products(Such as Wheelchairs, Canes, Walkers, Shower chairs) and so on. All our products were certificated by ISO13485,CE,FDA.

We sale product to USA,Canada,England,Greece,Spain,Germany,France,Latin America.Australia,Africa,Asia,over 20 countries and region.

Our service aim is “ The quality first, the honesty is supreme” Foshan Better Medical Technology Co.,Ltd works hard for offering the best quality and professional services to our customers which will provide the society with more considerate medical services.Our excellent service make our customer trust us like friends.We are proud of our customers ,our partners,our products.

Our Mission

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